Thursday, September 18, 2008

My first Post --- Why Blog?

Hi World,

It's 3.00 AM and I am on my computer, wishing to pour my heart to anyone who cares to listen (or read!). So I am what my blog says - A new mom, nothing less and definitely nothing more.

Just over a year ago I was another young woman with dreams, wishes, infinite energy, working as a software engineer, with a big international MNC, hoping to see the world one day, thanks to my job, particularly Paris, Venice ..... Dreamt of making something out of own business, perhaps?....perhaps a specialist in my field, a well renowned consultant?

Now its thirteen months since my son was born. He is an angel. The most beautiful kid I have seen. I love him more than anything else in the world. I will post a pic of his so that you guys can see him too.

Now how should I start? Where to start from? Ok. Let me try to answer the question in my title - "why am I here?"

Well. This year has been the longest bitter-sweet year of my life. I have happily discovered a new dimension to myself and pained to find another being torn away. I want to tell someone about my pain, concerns, dreams and wishes lost in night wakening's, baby playtimes, throw ups, daiper changes and so on.... I hope to find other mothers from whom I can take courage and find the middle path to satisfy the mother and the dreamer....both.....I hope....
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